Reflecting on how far you have come in life through all the hard work you have done to polishing your heart,  expressing your authentic self to the world and meeting your true-love because you are so unique and one-of-a-kind. With a desire express your natural beauty, Nested Yellow jewelry becomes a token of love that travels through you carrying with it a story of symbolic meaning. Becoming beautiful, original and naturally your sentimental jewelry. Handmade in Portland, Or.

New jewelry designs are constantly on the horizon here at Nested Yellow  so be sure to sign up for our newsletter and be the first to find out about new collections with designs for your perfect go-to's that bring you lovely compliments at your local coffee shop and from your hiking and yoga friends. Your morning routines are made simple by knowing you can put on your favorite Nested Yellow piece and feel amazing because it embodies your special story and meaning. 

I really enjoy connecting with you and hearing your sentimental visions for your sweetest love tokens, engagement and wedding jewelry.  They inspire me to create meaningful, conceptual and sentimental expressions for you. Let's create something special together.

photo by Jessica Dremov
The Joy of Making
Nested Yellow jewelry sprouted from a daydream to create with joy beautiful sentimental pieces filled with loveadventure and poetry of the heart. Each piece in our collections are developed from romantic expressions of love and deeply rooted with Mother Nature. Our creations feel as if they were unearthed with details of raw natural beauty that are perfectly imperfect. 

Connecting with you is the most inspiring and fulfilling joy for creating natural and beautiful jewelry. To extend your experience of receiving and giving we celebrate this moment with thoughtful custom packaging that is also recyclable and biodegradable. When you open your package, we wish for the love to radiate on your smiling faces and hope you fall in love with your special pieces and they go with you on amazing adventures. 

Be at peace with knowing that Nested Yellow jewelry is created with recycled and ethically sourced metals. We search far and wide across North America for ethically minded diamonds, crystals and stones and we develop beautiful relationships with our collaborators, who either mine the stones themselves or provide detail information on the origins each stone. 

My childhood memories are filled with very fond memories of visiting my grandmother's village of Sabanagrande, Honduras
About the Designer
Hello, I'm Anna Isabel Vasquez. I create, live and explore in the beautiful Pacific Northwest - Portland, Oregon. My passion for capturing the poetic details in nature began in my childhood backyard looking under rocks and leaves and sifting through my great aunt's jewelry box. My entrepreneurial passion is deeply rooted with my Honduran grandmother, who I watched as she sold paletas (popsicles) from her home to school kids walking home. 

How does my creative day begin?  I wake up each morning greeting the beautiful sunshine or rain (it's the NW) with enthusiasm and wonder what amazing and wonderful things are going to happen today. My pup wakes up wagging his tail and trots over to my bedside and gives me a sweet doggy kiss. I do the doggy mama stuff, turn some Debussy music on and begin my morning meditations and then head out for my morning walk in the forest with the pups to hear the beautiful bird songs. Connecting with nature on daily basis has created balance and harmony in my life. These are some daily inspirations to share with you: 

  • reflect natural beauty
  • express love
  • connect with Mother Nature
  • embrace romance, adventures and daydreams
  • appreciate the perfectly imperfect 
  • dream big and fanciful 
  • create
  • go deep and align with your passions
  • be present and connect with your heart, sweetheart, family, friends, community and nature
  • admire the details and textures found in nature for a sense of harmony, balance and beauty
  • embrace your culture and ancestors 
What I honestly really love most all is the connection I make with you... I love making your day beautiful and creating something that brings you smiles. I hope you will say hello and share your thoughts and wishes for the jewelry you would love to wear and cherish for years.