Love, Love, LOVE is in the air

This year I'm feeling the love. I have recently began to focus my work in my favorite aspect of life - LOVE. I love romantic stories. I'm emotional. I love sweet things. And I'm super sentimental. So when I have opportunity to create a piece of love for someone special I am super duper excited. This year I have been lucky to create pieces that are sentimental and special with plenty of sweet stories to go with them.  I have received messages from special folk that share with me their plans to propose,  to wed, to give birth and to celebrate their anniversaries.


I've got a crush on Whiting + Davis

I've fallen in love with Whitting and David. No their not boys, well they are but they are boys who designed these amazing metal silky handbags way back when. There they were in the back winking at me. Of course I had no clue who they were. But as the adorable gals at Le Frock layed them in front of my eager eyes, I knew I was in love. The liquid movement of these bags feel like metalic silk. And the clasps? Love them! 



Happy New Year! We made our last year's resolution come true. This year's resolution is to explore, explore, explore. 

Here's to new adventures! 



Getting Ready for the New Year

How bold do you want to go into the year?

Me? I want to go into with arms wide open towards my most colorful day dreams. This past year I did just that. We drove on this amazing road trip to the west coast (Seattle) to seek new adventures in a city bookended by grandious mountains. So with so many new adventures to seek and places to explore, I cannot wait for this new year. 

My best advice for the year: 

No matter what hurdles lay before you, keep your head up high and keep looking forward no matter how many times you tumble.

Tonight I wish to flash some sparkle into the new year with a glimmer of hope. I wish you a beautiful night! 




Something to Make

Merry Christmas all! It's Christmas morning and all the presents have been opened. Now we're nibbling on those ever so tempting stocking chocolates. Do they really have to be so cute and bite size that I forget how many I've had? I better act quickly and find something to do in between opening presents and making dinner. This how-to tutorial by the lovely Wit&Wistle blog inspires me to be creative today.


the beauty of Aspen

Hello beautiful, 

I was so inspired by the beautiful stark white barks of Aspen and their golden leaves as we drove through the mountains of Colorado in October on our way to Seattle. It's really quite an amazing site to be surrounded by such simplicity in form and color. With subtle breezes the leaves began to dance, so I created these earrings to mimic them. They shimmer and move as you strut your stuff. 

Big Hugs, 


Chiming Bangles

A sweet little reminder to have fun and smile when you swing your arms. I wore bangles all week because the sound they make when you walk is so melodic. I really love the varying sizes of bangles because they result in random patterns along the arm. Some slide higher up the arm as the others chime and sing as you swing your arms.

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