Love Story - Sweet Love Song

So when I received news that they were going to get married and the celebration was the night before, I got a rush of excitement for their spontaneous announcement. I attented the celebration that night and asked them if they had rings to symbolize their union at their wedding the following day. They said "no". Of course my mind started to race with options I may have back in the studio and if I didn't have any rings in their size I would just stay up all night to make them as a gift for them.  Only one of them knew their ring size so I had to be creative in how to get the ring size of the other without letting them know what I was up to. As I gave good night hugs to all, I found my friend amongst friends and grabbed his left hand and slipped one of the rings I was wearing onto his ring finger. He was tickled with the bizarre move, but went along with it all. The ring made it half way down his fingers. I had to make a guess based on the information I had, so back to the studio I went. I started to look through some rings I had made recently and two matching rings of different sizes caught my eye. I was tickled and cautiously placed them onto my ring madrel to see if they were the sizes I needed. My jaw dropped and my eyes got very big as each one fell over the notch with their ring size. I couldn't believe it! I started to dance around in joy for this serendipidous moment.

I sent them an image of the rings the following morning asking them if they would accept a gift from me that required them to open before their vows were exchanged. They sweetly accepted. I handed them a muslin bag wrapped in paper and tied with black waxed thread. The ceremony started and I realized they hadn't opened the gift to try on the rings. The ceremony began and the film started to roll. I held my breath as they were asked if they had rings to exchange. They pulled out the gift, began to open the bag and pulled out the rings. As each one placed the ring on the other, I held my breath and released it as they both slipped on their fingers with ease. They FIT! They were meant to always be for them.

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