TE AMO collection

BTWN You & Me ring, solid 14K gold set with Moissanites / conflict-free diamonds

The TE AMO collection is filled with LOVEROMANCE and poetry of the HEART. Your special and unique wedding, engagement and sentimental jewelry pieces are created and detailed with organic beauty and reflections of love. 

Please contact me to begin your journey of creating your special piece. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a beautiful and amazing day.  

You Are My Sun and Moon ring, solid 14K gold set with Moissanite/ conflict-free Diamond
"To wake up in your arms with rays of sunlight lighting our smiles and to fall asleep in your arms under the glow of the moon, I grow deeply in love. When I think of you dearly, I look to the skies above me and feel your light. You are my truly my sun and moon reflecting over a reflective crystal lake."

Alternative Engagement and Wedding rings. Past Present Future ring and You Are My Sun and Moon ring.

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